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Connecting newcomers to information and community services

New to Canada? We Can Answer Your Questions

  • How do I get my child into school?
  • Where can I find a doctor?
  • How do I find housing?
  • When can I apply for citizenship?
  • Where can I find healthy food?
  • What are my legal rights at work?
  • I need help filling out forms
  • How do I read my water bill?
  • What are property taxes? 

At Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto, we provide support, advocacy and information to individuals and families who need information and resources on many, different issues, including:

  • Computer Classes
  • Legal and Social Services
  • Housing and Tenant rights
  • Education and Health services
  • Employment and Job Search Assistance
  • Programs for Internationally Trained Professionals
  • Credential Evaluations
  • Shelter, Food and Clothing
  • Child, Youth and Family Resources
  • Filling out Forms and Application
  • Orientation to Toronto and Canadian life
  • Understanding Property Tax and Utility (Water) Billing in Toronto

For more information, contact Natasa Boskovic, Manager, Settlement Program at 416.469.0196 or

Answer your questions within 2 business days!

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