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Women’s Voices: A Collection of Writing by Newcomer Women

These stories and poems were the outpourings of women who spent time writing together in Writing Circles at Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto. The participants’ diligence in exercising their ‘writing muscle’ was heartfelt. Their determination to move their words from their hearts, from their bellies, from their souls was heartfelt. And now, their outpourings are between the covers of this collection, Women’s Voices: A Collection of Writing by Newcomer Women.

In the beginning, the women showed some doubt that what they had to say would be worthy of seeing the light of day. Writing in their first languages soon enabled ‘voice’. They lost all shyness, all self-doubt, worry, and concern about whether their words were worthy of being given air. Soon, they were writing as if no one was reading, as if no one was watching, and as if no one would judge their outpourings. They wrote about themselves, their families, life, and issues of power over life. They found their voice within; and dashed their words onto paper with abandon, hurrying to bring them to light, lest they run back to their secret hiding places.

The authors are:

  • Daisy Castaneda
  • Mageshwari Caulee
  • Melissa Chasse
  • Hildegard Gmeiner
  • Maria Gomez Mahi Kazemi
  • Parvin Khan
  • Nicole Minerve
  • Oluyinka Sekoni Faye Stanbury
  • Angela Walcott
  • Lisa Wallace
  • Shahla Lafeer
  • Luz M.

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