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English Language Program + Post Secondary Education

In 2010, NEW initiated a partnership with Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education and began another unique program that provided 25 English Language Program (previously LINC) students with the opportunity to enrol for a first year sociology credit taught by Ryerson. The course was delivered over 16 consecutive weeks.

The project was incredibly successful: 14 women successfully audited the course 11 women obtained the credit and are continuing their post-secondary education.

The program was unique, as it was streamlined with the English Language Program to provide educational continuity and support:

  • Lectures were held after ELP classes at NEW premises between 3.00- 6.00 p.m.
  • Extended child-minding was provided throughout the day until 6 p.m.
  • ELP instructors were present at lectures
  • Staff at the Pape Branch of the Toronto Public Library offered homework help and study skills at our ELP computer lab
  • Ryerson University designated case management staff to offer individual case management counselling to support and motivate students to achieve their full potential.

Comparison of survey results pre and post Catalyst LINC+Ryerson Pilot

The agency conducted a pre and post test evaluation to assess the level of ELP clients’ confidence and skills enhancement, having attended post-secondary education. Some of the key changes in perception by the participants towards accessing post-secondary education were noted as follows:

  • The post-test results noted a 35% increase in plans to continue to participate in secondary education as opposed to the pre-test.
  • 50% of the women felt there were fewer barriers to assessing post-secondary education as a result of the pilot, in the post-test, as opposed to 80% in the pre test.
  • However, the pre-test and post –test results indicate that the women still felt uncomfortable asking questions in class.

This points to the need for continued support to newcomer women to build their confidence and support in an English-speaking university environment.

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