Newcomer Women's Services Toronto is located one block west
of Pape Subway Station

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1) Does NEW provide ELP assessment?  
No, Newcomer Women’s Services provides ELP classes for levels one to six; however, the YMCA provides free ELP assessment. To book an appointment, call 416-925-5462. 

2) Do I have to pay for the programs? 
No, all programs are completely free. For some of our training courses we may ask you to provide a $15 deposit (refunded upon completion of course.)

3) How many locations do you have and where are they? 
We have two locations: our storefront location is at 705 Danforth Avenue and it houses our employment services.  Our office is at 745 Danforth Avenue on the fourth floor in Suite 401 and it houses settlement services, ELP classes, and child-minding our Saturday program.

4) How do I volunteer with NEW? 
If you’d like to volunteer, call 416-469-0196 or drop by our office.

5) Is NEW for women only? 
NEW is for women and their families, so men can access our settlement and employment services. However, the classes and workshops are exclusively for women and trans people.

6) Do you have services in my language? 
NEW offers services in nearly 20 languages, including English, Bengali, Bosnian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Urdu.

7) How do I get there?  
NEW is on Danforth Avenue, one block east of Pape Station.  
For directions on the TTC, call 416-393-4636 or use the TTC Trip Planner and, for driving or walking directions, check out Google Maps.



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