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Ripples of Voices

Inspired by the success of THRIVE’s fabric art workshops in 2010 an 2011, THRIVE decided to further engage women and trans people through different art mediums. This year, receiving funding from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts council, THRIVE partnered with Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray from the music group LAL to develop a spoken word/sound workshop.

The aim of the workshops was to provide a space for women and trans people to share their gendered experiences living in the city of Toronto and provide an opportunity for them to express their ideas through the use of sound and spoken word. The participants of each of the workshops worked together to create one collaborative track which composed the 9 tracks for the Ripples of Voices: Waves of Change CD.

>> Listen to the voices of our Newcomer Women Network (NWN) Saturday Program!

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