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- No placement fees
- Access to a pool of qualified candidates
- Free advertising of your job postings
- Raise your profile as a company with a diverse workforce
- Expand your business with free customer service training
- Free job retention workshops
- Continued support once the individual is hired

NEW’s Employment Services:

What are the benefits?
- Access a pool of qualified candidates
- Candidates are prescreened
- Suitable candidates are recommended based on employer criteria
- Reduced hiring costs and associated risks with job trials and placements
- Ongoing job coaching for all placements
- Improved job retention

Are you qualified?
- Licensed to operate in Ontario and meets all provincial legislation requirements
- Willing to train individuals on the job
- Provide WSIB or equivalent coverage
- Provide employment in Ontario

How to apply for hiring incentives?
- Advise our Employment Team of your recruitment needs
- Review your roles and responsibilities before entering into a placement contract
- Work collaboratively with NEW’s Employment Advisor and the Agency

Employment services and programs are funded by Employment Ontario. The NEW employment team is dedicated to facilitating employment-related services under a one-stop shop.

This program provides information and resources on:
-How to enter the labour market in regulated professions
-Licensing procedures
-Canadian specific work-place culture
-Labour market standards
-Career-specific requirements
-Skills upgrading training
-Community-employment assistance

Our full range of services include:
-Employment Counseling
-Job Search Workshops
-Job Fairs
-Job Lead Development
-Job Matching, Placement and Incentives

Our services prepare women to maximize
employment opportunities with:
-Skills training (e.g. Customer Service training)
-Training referrals and bridging opportunities
-Placement opportunities
-Volunteer opportunities

You are welcome to drop in, telephone or email us for further information.

Call us at 416-469-0196.

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