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Newcomer Women’s Services was founded by a group of Latin American refugees in 1983.  For the past twenty-five years, we’ve been helping immigrant women from all around the world to become part of the wider community.

With the help of volunteers and community partners, our friendly, all-female staff provides employment and settlement services, skills development, and language training, completely free of charge. There are also programs for children, including child-minding for kids between 19 months and 6 years of age.

Our services are free, thanks to our funders and partners. NEW provides a safe, welcoming environment for newcomer women and their families.  For many of the staff and participants, NEW is like a second home and there’s always room for more women to join us.

“For me N.E.W. is like a family where you share difficult and happy moments, have useful advice and support, celebrate international holidays together.  And I’m really happy to be a part of this family.  Thank you!”
--- Teodora, Former NEW member

We offer:
- Employment services and programs
- Settlement services
- LINC classes
- English conversation practice classes & tutoring
- Computer classes
- Nutrition & cooking classes
- Leadership training & volunteer opportunities
- Math tutoring and reading circles for children

Our Board of Directors

Riti Mandal, Chair

Derek Powers
Chair, Governance and Human Resources Committee

Dorene Weston, Vice-chair

Kala Gnanapanditthen, Treasurer

Nasreen Merali, Director

Aamir Mian, Director

Akiko Masuda Paradis, Director

Kilim Park, Director

Vasanthi Venkatesh, Board Committee Member

Selam Demeke, Board Committee Member

Duncan Malcon, Volunteer for Fundraising Committee

Niluka Kottegoda, Volunteer for Fundraising Committee


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